Pagan Pride Day or play-acting?

Although I was not able to attend Denver’s Pagan Pride day this year because of my child being ill, (I am first and foremost a mommy) I did hear several reports from friends that disturbed me greatly. And the most important ones were centered around two things — the venue chosen and the main sponsor.

The venue chosen could have been a very good one if the event had not been literally surrounded by the type of homeless people that give rise to the stereotype of “bum” to the point that the main ritual/performance area quite frankly reeked of the unwashed bodies of people who simply did not want to take the trouble to be clean. This, BTW, was different from last year when this had not been the case. The Denver Police who were at the event apparently did nothing to discourage this negative effect until one of the performing groups complained and almost refused to perform. I feel that, although the park that was chosen is a visible location, unless these issues are addressed in the next few years, that this venue will become untenable for a small festival such as the one in Denver.

The other problem that was reported was that the main sponsor seemed to be encouraging costuming as the type of Harry Potter-esque “witches/wizards” that Hollywood would have people believing we are instead of people coming in their everyday clothing. There was even a costume rental booth! Pagan Pride Day should not look like a bad attempt at a RenFaire if we are to be taken seriously by the general public.

I intend on giving Denver’s Pagan Pride Day another chance next year, but if it is like this year…… I will be saddened.

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