A Month of Devotional Thought — Poseidon, Day 14

Today we’re discussing how the worship of Poseidon has changed in modern days. It is more of what has not changed in that the worship of the Theoi has had to be revived in the modern era and we do not have temples to the Theoi we can use at this time.

Although we can still offer libations and small holocaust offerings of (primarily) baked goods, there are not large gatherings for most worshippers of the Theoi to attend, so most of the time our rituals have to be either small gatherings or solo rites.

As the religion of the classical period was centered around the Oikos, with festivals being the communal portion of the faith. this is not necessarily a bad thing for the present as we revive this faith. I would LIKE to see that change within my lifetime, although given the climate in Hellas, I am thinking that it is more likely that I will see those temples in the diaspora of Hellenic Polytheism in the world.

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