A Month of Devotional Thought — Poseidon, Delayed Entry, Day 12

Today, I’m catching up an entry from a day when I felt far too miasmic to do it. The reason for this feeling of miasma on my part was because of acts of unreasoning hatred by those who link the “purity” of their ancestry with the right to either BE in a land, or to be SUPREME in a land. This goes so entirely counter to what the Theoi stood for in both the ancient and modern eras as to be almost impossible to allow me to think that there is anything left of the daimones of the Golden Age surrounding us.

The theme of yesterday, was places associated with Poseidon and his worship. As Poseidon is the Lord of the Oceans, all seashores would be places sacred to him. While we don’t have temples to the Theoi at this time, seaside offerings would be appropriate in any case. However, for those of us in landlocked areas,  springs with a feel of the noumenous would also be appropriate, as would be places involving horses.

I would also venture that areas prone to earth tremors would be areas where Poseidon should be honored in light of him being the Earth-shaker.


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