A Month of Devotional Thought — Poseidon, Day 1

Today is the first day of this month honoring Poseidon and it is a day for Introductions. Specifically, it is a day for a general introduction to Poseidon.

In the Hellenic Pantheon, the three sons of Khronos — Haides, Poseidon, and Zeus — drew lots for what their respective dominions would be and Poseidon’s lot was the governance of the seas. This is the most well known image of Poseidon, that of the Lord of the Seas, but as we will see later in this month, there are also other things that the ancients honored Poseidon for as well.

Most of the imagery of Poseidon would not be complete without his trident. And in point of fact, it is that trident that is the astronomical symbol for the planet Neptune which was named after Poseidon’s Roman counterpart. However, there are other symbols which we will be discussing in a later entry.


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