A Month of Devotional Thought — Haides, Day 18

This is a topic that many people don’t like to think about in the context of some of their Gods, but in today’s culture it is an important one. It is the question of how Haides stands in relation to gender and sexuality.

According to the ancient writers that I have access to Haides doesn’t have same-sex partnerships himself, but doesn’t seem to have an issue with them in others. The Hellenes in the Classical period didn’t seem to have the same difficulties with same-sex relationships between consenting partners. In regards to issues of gender, as there are instances in the mythology of some of the heros stepping outside of accepted gender roles, I cannot see that this would be an issue during this period either..

In the Modern Era, I cannot see that Haides would have any issues with same sex partnerships or those who are transgender. The only sexual or gender issues that I can perceive Haides as having issues with are those that are non-consensual, such as rape in the MODERN usage of the word. I see him as probably having a great deal of issue with things like “conversion therapy” for LGBT individuals as this not only tries to force people into being something they are not but also has driven people to suicide. I see Haides as being someone who would actually try to be a comforting deity for those souls, giving them the opportunity — if they so desired — to be reborn in hope of finding parents that would truly care for them.

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