A Month of Devotional Thought — Haides, Day 17

Today’s topic is how Haides relates to other deities and pantheons. And compared to some of the other topics, this is one of the easier ones for me to write about.

As Haides is Lord of the Underworld, he relates well to all of the other Underworld deities across the various pantheons from around the world. After all, our mortal condition makes it so that we will all pass into the Afterlife. This is something that all cultures agree on.

The only major disagreement he would have is that the Underworld in Hellenic thought is not usually a place of eternal punishment — with a few notable exceptions like Sisyphus and Tantalus who committed egregious acts against the Theoi. This is in direct contrast with the Underworld of the Christian and Muslim faiths where if you are not one of the “blessed” you are condemned to that eternal punishment. However, it is similar to the way that Judaism has portrayed their afterlife, although it is not clear that Judaism has had a Lord of the Underworld in the pre-Babylonian Diaspora period in the same way that Hellenismos does.

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