A Month of Devotional Thought — Haides, Day 13

If I’m remembering my list of topics correctly, this one would SEEM to be a break from the posts on Haides’ worship, but as it is about what (if any) modern cultural issues that Haides would be concerned with, I feel that it still applies. The reason for this is that if we, as devotees of the Theoi, work in ways that deal with these issues, we can to some degree consider that as part of our devotional life.

There are two issues that I can readily see Haides as being concerned with. One of these is the issue of self-administered euthanasia (also known as medically-assisted suicide) for terminally ill patients of sound mind. I include “living wills” and medical Do-Not-Resuscitate directives in this category as they are determined by a person of sound mental faculties. I cannot see that Haides would have any difficulty with any of these things as they are directing the patient be allowed to pass into the Underworld with dignity.

One of the other ones that is gaining in popularity is the phenomenon of “Green” burials where the remains of the person is buried in a way where the body is used to — for example — fertilize a tree sapling. I see this as a way where the Marriage of Haides and Persephone can be symbolically represented….

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