How do we as Polytheists respond to events like the Manchester attack?

This is something that has been milling around in my head for several days. On a personal level, I am glad that the bomber is dead. However, the fact that the bombing even happened, as well as the news stories that the bomber’s brother was also planning an attack, begs the question of their motivation.

It is easy to target Islam for the attack, but most of the followers of that religion are people who just want to live their lives. Most people who follow Christianity and Judaism are the same.

Christianity, and Judaism both have people like the “Islamic” group Da’esh, while it SEEMS that most polytheistic faiths do not because of polytheism’s innate sense of plurality. I cannot help but feel that it is because of monotheism encouraging a sense of duality in the sense of Go(o)d being in constant conflict with (d)Evil.

However, it is because of the attacks of ONE monotheistic group on another that Da’esh has become enough of an issue that the foundation of the modern European secularism is being threatened. These attacks, threaten everyone of EVERY faith because it turns people who should be working together against one another.

What can we, as polytheists, be doing to counter this? More importantly, because we are currently such a small minority in most parts of the world, CAN we effectively do anything about this?

These are questions that have been on my mind a lot lately, and I don’t have any answer to them — as much as I would love to.

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