A Month of Devotional Thought — Demeter, Day 1

Today’s topic is a general introduction to the Goddess. Demeter is widely known as a goddess who is involved with agriculture. However, she is also one of the Goddesses who is part of the Eleusinian Mysteries which points to her being linked to the life cycle in general.

There is evidence that Demeter, or a goddess very similar to her, was worshiped as far back as the Minoan period in Greece as there are Linear B inscriptions that have been interpreted as meaning “Lady of Grain” and as this is something that Demeter is known for, it can be inferred that it refers to her.

Demeter also has one of the longest of the Homeric Hymns dedicated to her and it is here that we find one of the primary sources for the story of Persephone. This is important in that the Eleusinian Mysteries are thought to have connections to both Persephone and her mother.

This is something that we will be exploring more in days to come


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