A Month of Devotional Thought — Hera, Day 10

Today’s topic is what are appropriate offerings for Hera, both in the Classical period and today. The Orphic hymn to Hera is the only source I was able to find for what type of incense would have been used for her. It indicates that aromatic herbs would have been the appropriate offerings.

Due to her title as Aigophagos, in Laconia (Sparta), she was offered goats. This was because, according to myth, Heracles founded a temple there and because he did not have any suitable victims, he offered goats. This is something that tends to tell me that the usual sacrifice in other areas would have been rams or cattle. This would be in keeping with the sacrifices made to the other Olympian gods.

In modern times, as there are no longer animal sacrifices being made (at least at this time), I personally tend to feel that grain offerings and aromatic incense such as sandalwood or cedar wood would  be appropriate as would sage (in the United States) because these have a strong aroma and could also work if an offering were to be burnt.

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