Challenge Accepted and Met

First always comes Hestia, warm and welcoming who smiles upon communal bonds of friends and family

Followed by Demeter, grain crowned and generous who grants unto us the fruits of agriculture.

Next comes Hera, Queen of the Olympian Gods protectress of marriage seated on a peacock throne.

Seated next to his wife on the high seat is Zeus King of the Gods, Father of Gods and Men

The Lord of the Oceans, Poseidon Earth-shaker Who guards the deeps and shores from harm

Generous and Kindly Haides, who receives us all into the Underworld mortals go to.

Athena Tritogenia, Lady of Wisdom Noble patroness of the city named for her

The royal twins, Apollo and Artemis; Bright archers, protectors of children

Him Lord of Poetry and Song; Her Lady of the Hunt and Wild Places

Strong and Quiet Hephaestus Crafter of Metal, Lord of the Forges

Ares, Mighty in Battle Ruler of all our Struggles

Hermes, Fleet of Foot who bears the Golden Rod; Messenger of the Gods and Lord of Boundaries

Dionysus, Lord of the Vine and Vintages; Bringer of Merriment and Madness

Prometheus, Titan God of Foresight, Molder of Humankind

To the Nine Muses who taught humanities the arts

Hecate, mistress of the crossroads, who leads us to the Mysteries

Bast, from the land of the Two Rivers, Guardian of Hidden Wisdom

May all of you smile upon us and grant us your gifts

As I sing the last of this song to Hestia, as is proper

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