A Month of Devotional Thought — Hestia: Day 19

Today’s topic is about the qualities I admire most about Hestia. I admire that despite being one of the most overlooked Olympians, that she still persists in being in many way the “glue” holding the other Theoi together.

Given the often fractious nature of Greek families, it is no surprise that the Hellenic Theoi are in many ways similar. In many ways Hestia, despite being eternally youthful, is like a Greek yiayia who tells the rest of the family to “Stop fighting, it’s time for dinner”. She is the ONLY Olympian who has never gone to war and part of the reason for that is that SHE is the one that gives the other Theoi someplace to return TO.

It is the quiet agency that Hestia has which is one of the most important aspects of her personality because sometimes being the rock the storm lashes against is more difficult than being part of the storm.

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