A Month of Devotional Thought — Hestia: Day 17

Today’s topic is about how Hestia relates to other Gods and pantheons. In most cases Hestia has good relations with almost any other God/Goddess who is willing to have a friendly relationship with her in return.

This is because the hearth, as the center of the home, is where hospitality is given. And even the civic hearth is where people seeking sanctuary would go. As Hestia governs those sacred flames, in many ways she is the one who bestows hospitality to the other Gods and pantheons on behalf of the Olympian Theoi.

Hospitality is one of the things that the Theoi love, and as the Goddess who creates the space for that hospitality, in my opinion, it is Hestia who facilitates relationships between the Olympians and other pantheons.

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