A Month of Devotional Thought — Hestia: Day 14

Today’s topic is about if (or more properly how) Hestia’s worship has changed in modern times. As there were really not any separate festivals in her honor it due to her status as the Goddess of the Home, it is hard to even make a beginning in discussing this topic. I think that in some ways, the practices that honored her continued in many rural communities with a name change to make it fit with the “proper” Christian practices as xenia is deeply ingrained in Hellenic culture.

One of the things that did fall by the wayside though, was the practice of her getting part of every sacrifice. Because sacrificing to the Hellenic Theoi was prohibited by edict under punishment of death, there were no sacrifices for Hestia to get the “first portion” of.

Because of this and the lack of records about regular household worship, we really can have no way to gauge how Hestia’s worship has changed. There is no question of if….

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