Month of Devotional Thought — Hestia: Day 11

Today’s topic involves Festivals, Days and Times sacred to the deity

This is something that is interesting in that I have been able to find NO festivals or “special” days honoring Hestia in ancient times. However, there is a modern day that I have been using as a festival day for Hestia even though assigning this day is UPG.

However, every meal is a time sacred to Hestia as it was her fire that cooked the family meal. It would not even be a stretch to state that every festival in the Hellenic ritual calendar is hers in part as she receives the first portion of every offering given on those days.

As for the modern day I have chosen to honor Hestia, it is the Thanksgiving holiday that is found in the United States and Canada. This is a day that is set aside for a “harvest” feast and has become a traditional day for families to gather together and share a communal meal.

Other things concerning Hestia in the modern era will be covered in posts later this month.

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