More on Devotional/Religious Headcovering

This is a picture of a STRONG and INDEPENDENT woman who chooses to cover/veil for religious reasons. She is an athlete on the US Olympic team, and a Muslim woman. In the current political climate in the United States, she does not feel safe walking down the street because she chooses to wear a hijab.

In ancient times around the Mediterranean, wearing a head covering or veil was common. In fact, in parts of the Mediterranean world during the Hellenic “Golden Age” and even through Roman times, a woman who DIDN’T cover her head was either a slave or a prostitute (sometimes both).

Although we are no longer in that time period, there are STILL women who the Theoi have called to wear a head covering — either during ritual or at all times when leaving the house. Her being afraid because she CHOOSES to wear a hair covering for religious reasons AND compete in it in saber fencing is an abomination to me.

I don’t think a woman should be FORCED to cover, but if she FREELY CHOOSES to that choice should be respected, and indeed honored.

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