A Month of Devotional Thought — Hestia: Day 9

Today’s topic is common misconceptions about this deity. Because most people tend to not know much about Hestia due to there not being a lot of myths about her there is one major misconception, but few others.

This major misconception is that Hestia is not important. Indeed, Edith Hamilton says that Hestia has “no distinct personality”. I think that much of this is due to our “modern mindset” that equates action with importance. I would tend to think otherwise due to the fact that only three deities have two Homeric Hymns in their honor. Hestia shares this distinction with Aphrodite and Demeter. Dionysus is the only deity that has more, with three.

While Zeus is the King of the Olympian Theoi, Hestia is the “glue” that holds the Olympians together as they have their councils around the celestial hearth. As she is Prutanitis, that would also extend to the Halls of the Theoi.

Her personality is calm and warm. She is the “caregiver” of the Theoi. This is an important position within the Theoi. I can see her as being the arbiter because of her calm and caring nature.

I will be discussing things like this more in posts later in the month

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