A Month of Devotional Thought — Hestia: Day 3

Today’s topic is what icons and symbols are associated with this deity. I’m going to start with a set of pictures that I found at Theoi.com’s Hestia page

She is portrayed in classical art as a young woman who is usually, but not always, shown as wearing a veil.
As she is the Goddess of the Hearth, the hearth fire itself is one of her symbols, but also the tools of cooking such as a kettle can be her symbols as well. Although she is in what is considered a “traditional” role for women, this should not be taken to be a sign of her being denied agency by the other Hellenic Gods as she CHOSE this role.

We will be discussing ways to honor her in other posts, but we should always remember that she is (in the words of the Orphic Hymn in her honor) “Home of the blessed gods, men’s mighty buttress, eternal, many-shaped, beloved” [from the Athanassakis translation] HOW she is these things is going to be a topic for a number of posts during the remainder of the month.

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