Some thoughts on Modernity and Tradition

As you can see from the over-arching name of my blog, I am a Revivalist-type Hellenic Polytheist as well as being a mother.  I like to research, as far as I am able, the history of festivals or traditions that I include in my faith practice.

As such, I approach modern “additions” carefully. I don’t see a problem with designating the US or Canadian “Thanksgiving Day” as a festival of Hestia because part of the celebration of this holiday involves family or other community gathering to celebrate COMMUNITY, which Hestia is the patroness of. I also don’t see a problem with designating “Mother’s Day” as a festival honoring Leto or other ‘Mother’ Goddesses. And the reason for this is that in ancient times, the festivals were civic as well as religious.

However, I have problems with creating a “Hellenic” festival honoring the RE-birth of the Sun, when Helios is an immortal and therefore doesn’t die. I also have problems with people who try to claim an “ancient and unbroken lineage” for a religion that at best, their family had to practice underground — and more likely, has only been practiced for 2-3 generations.

Yes, we are fortunate as Hellenic Polytheists that SO MUCH of the religious practices of our ancient forebears were not completely obliterated by the Christianization of Europe, but there is still a disconnect religiously between us and the ancients. While we are bringing our faiths into the modern era, it is my opinion that we need to re-establish our connection with our roots.

A rootless tree does not grow.

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