Prayer of imprecation in honor of the Polytheistic Day of Protest and Remembrance

About a month and a half ago there was a post on asking us AS A COMMUNAL EFFORT to hold A Polytheistic Day of Protest and Remembrance on July 31st, 2015. The damage that Da’esh is doing to the sacred site of Palmyra is only the tip of the iceberg of the damage done over the years to the sacred sites of polytheism by extremists of monotheistic religion. In addition to the prayer found in the post, I am offering the following prayer to the Gods of Greece on this day.

Blessed Hestia who welcomes all to her hearth, may Da’esh find your hearth cold to them.
Lord Zeus, King of the Gods of the Greeks, may you rain thunderbolts on their heads
Lady Hera, Queen of Heaven, may you make their lives bound to this earth
Wise Athena, give their enemies the strategy to defeat them.
Fierce Ares, grant their opponents victory against them.
Crafty Hephaestus, forge the weapons that will defeat them
Apollo, lord of healing AND plague, send pestilence among them
Artemis, huntress of monsters, slay their leaders with your silver arrows
Sly Hermes, steal their support from among the nations
Poseidon, lord of the deep and wide oceans isolate them
Fruitful Demeter, send famine among them
Lady of Love, Aphrodite, let them be alone
Dionysus, giver of madness, send that blessing among them
Lord Haides, master of the underworld, deny them entry into Elysium
And Finally,
Blessed Hestia, patroness of community bonds, deny them community with all humans
May their names be forgotten
May their spirits never find rest
May their descendants never honor their graves

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