The US Supreme Court’s decision concerning CORPORATE "Religious Freedom" is problematic at best for me.

I’ve waited a couple of days to write this as I wanted to take the time to think about the implications of this decision instead of writing something just on the spur of the moment.  The more information that I have gotten about it, the more concerned about the potential for problems it may cause I get.

This ruling SEEMS to be one that allows “closely held” corporations to have “religious beliefs” about how an employee’s insurance through the company can be utilized. This is despite the potential for the employee to have different beliefs about the same “benefit”. And this is one of those rulings that opens the door for OTHER, perhaps unintended, consequences.

Religious beliefs about things vary. And as a corporate “person” cannot actively participate in actual religious activities, I have trouble with the idea that the corporation’s “religious beliefs” should be able to trump mine — especially when their religious beliefs are not supported by actual science and only target insurance items that one sex utilizes while allowing things for the other sex.

Hellenic Polytheism, in my opinion, is a faith tradition that actively allows for equality of the sexes in modern society. Although the Gods and Goddesses fulfill different roles, there is no such thing as a “weak” goddess in our faith, and there is no need to “control” what those goddesses do — something that this ruling seems to do for women in our society. This ruling seems to be more about controlling a woman’s ability to manage her own life in accordance with HER religious beliefs than it is about anything else. And THAT is something that I cannot agree with. 

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