Why I’m NOT "celebrating" St. Patrick’s Day

First, of all, I’m still in the middle of the festival of the Dionysia ta astika. And a major celebration honoring one of the Theoi will ALWAYS trump the “celebration” of a Christian saint — even if it is done in a Dionysian manner in the US. The St. Patrick’s Day “celebration” makes a mockery of Irish Celtic culture. The way it is “celebrated” in the US — as essentially being a day for drunkenness — even makes a mockery of the saint that it purports to honor.

Secondly, this day “honors” the systematized murder of the Priests and Priestesses of pre-Christian Ireland by the followers of Patrick and Christianity. I would rather honor the people who fought to preserve the knowledge that these people had. There are even stories of the existence of a preparation of mistletoe that would combat cancer.

Christianity, is not my enemy, but I do mourn the loss of the scientific knowledge that was held by the Druids of Ireland — much like the destruction of the Library of Alexandria.  How much farther would we be if this knowledge had NOT been destroyed?

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