Getting ready for bean soup — panspermia style

Panspermia recipe

What is the reason for the link and the picture when the festival they go with is still almost a week away? Simply put, we need to maintain our mindfulness at all times. We need to always be ready for a celebration of the Gods — and yes, there are both ancient and modern celebrations. If I had a way to do it at Denver’s Pagan Pride Day, I would be making and serving Panspermia there instead of just having it at home that evening.

We, as Hellenic Polytheists, need to be aware that we are a small minority wherever we are and still proudly claim our traditions. As Hellenic Polytheists, we need to reach out to people who may not even be aware that they are not alone. I started my journey as a Hellenic Polytheist over 25 years ago and for at least the first 20 of them I was floundering in the dark because I did not have the connections to others I do now. If we are to grow our faith the same way that Wiccans and other Pagan faiths have done, we need to not just teach our children, but to reach out to people who are searching for like minds.

Is it too much to ask of ourselves to reach out? Or are we committing the amartia of insularity? Panspermia MEANS “all seeds”. Why can we not be the seed from which others can grow a faith?

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