Demeter’s Lament is the beginning of the Mysteries.

“Where is my child, my golden girl?” I can easily imagine Demeter uttering these words after the disappearance of Persephone. As a mother I can also imagine the sense of utter anguish when she searched  throughout the Upper World for her daughter. I am merely mortal and yet I worry when I don’t know what my child is doing when she is out of my sight at home (except when she’s in her room for nap-time and is at least being quiet).

That worry pales by comparison to Demeter’s when she is searching for Persephone. It is a mild thing compared with the sense of loss that Demeter must have felt when she finally DID find out what had happened. I cannot imagine what that must have felt like — to want to embrace your child and not be able to do so. 
After finding out what has happened to Persephone, Demeter wanders until she is asked to be a caregiver to a mortal child. She then tries to make him immortal only to have this child too taken from her. The mortal child’s family, upon learning who Demeter is established the Eleusinian Mysteries in her honor (at least according to the mythology). When Demeter is reunited with Persephone, her daughter has become a queen in her own right and is also honored by her foster-brother and his family. It is these Mysteries that we are trying to re-establish in the modern day in our own oikoi. May Demeter and Persephone guide us in doing so.

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