Preparing to honor the Eleusinia ta Megala by speaking for equalilty

The Eleusinian Mysteries (Eleusinia ta megala), honoring Demeter and her daughter Persephone, were the most popular of the mystery cults.  They lasted for a week, and were held in the town of Eleusis, just outside Athens.  Any person who spoke Greek was allowed to take part.” (emphasis mine)

Earlier this week, I spoke on my blog about racism within Hellenismos. Part of my reason for my understanding of how the Gods view it was based on the information that I have mentioned above. If in antiquity, the gods could be honored by anyone who spoke the language of the initiates there is no reason in the modern day that they cannot be honored by anyone speaking any language.

We can honor the Two Goddesses in diverse ways so as to re-establish their mysteries. They themselves allowed for diversity in their initiates and we can do no less as we seek to restore and recreate Hellenic Polytheism as a vibrant faith in the modern world. I intend to be mindful of my own mindset throughout the period of the Mysteries so that I can be closer to the Goddesses of Eleusis. May we all find enlightenment in this period.

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