September 11th Observances and Genesios

 Genesios was a festival in honor of the dead. Today, it is a day to remember deceased ancestors, especially parents, and to hear and tell stories aobut them and what they did and to look through family albums or create them.  If graves of these ancestors are nearby, go visit them and perhaps lay flowers or bring small offerings or libations (of water, milk or honey) if permitted.

And may they worship forever the gods who possess the land with native honors of laurel bough held aloft, and oxen slain, even as their fathers did before their time.  Since reverence for parents stand written third among the statues of Justice, to whom honor supreme is due. Aischylos, Suppliant Maidens (703-8)” Genesios Information

Today seems eerily apropos for Genesios. It is the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the US and has become known as “Patriot Day” by some in the US. It is a national day of remembrance because of the scar that it left on our collective psyche. In the US, as well as in other parts of the world, people remember the 11th of September in various ways. My way today is to write about it as it is a day that will be remembered by each person who was aware of the world on that day.
Genesios is a day to honor the dead and today, as it also happens to be the 11th of September, is definitely a day where we will be honoring those who fell that day as they were going about their daily lives. The festival of Genesios is uniquely suited for that act of honoring.
However, it is a day when we should also be honoring the memories of the people slain in the wars that followed — especially the civilian casualties, the women and children who make up what is called by our sanitized media “collateral damage” to our targets. When we as a people decry the killing of the innocents, both in the buildings and on the planes, we must also remember the innocents ON THE OTHER SIDE or we as a people can become as bad as the criminals who turned airplanes into bombs. If we do not, the honors we pay to the innocents of our land are a mockery of what the people could have stood for had they lived. 
We, as a people, must remember that both sides of a conflict have their dead to honor and Genesios is a day to honor ALL of the dead — not just our own.

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