The righteous seal of all — The Orphic Hymn to Nomos (Law)

The holy king of Gods and men I call,
 celestial Law [Nomos], the righteous seal of all;

The seal which stamps whate’er the earth contains,
 Nature’s firm basis, and the liquid plains:

Stable, and starry, of harmonious frame,
 preserving laws eternally the same:

Thy all-composing pow’r in heaven appears,
 connects its frame, and props the starry spheres;

And shakes weak Envy with tremendous sound,
 toss’d by thy arm in giddy whirls around. 

‘Tis thine, the life of mortals to defend,
 and crown existence with a blessed end;

For thy command and alone, of all that lives
 order and rule to ev’ry dwelling gives:

Ever observant of the upright mind,
 and of just actions the companion kind;

Foe to the lawless, with avenging ire,
 their steps involving in destruction dire.

Come, bless, abundant pow’r, whom all revere,
 by all desir’d, with favr’ing mind draw near; 

Give me thro’ life, on thee to fix my fight,
 and ne’er forsake the equal paths of right.”

The Orphic viewpoint seems to be one of an ORDERLY cosmos. Because of this Nomos, or celestial law, is considered to be one of the bases of existence. It is by the command of Nomos that order exists in the lives of mankind. It is not, however, the same as human order which may or may not conform to the cosmic order. Celestial law does not dictate that one race of LIVING people is better or worse than another. Individual people may be, but even then Envy of other people is not in accordance with that law. 

Nomos is also, like Dike, “ever observant of the upright mind, and of just actions the companion kind”. The lawless, even those who outwardly seem to be obeying the law, are condemned to destruction. The life of mortals is defended by Nomos in the words of the original author. And in the words of the translator is the one who gives humans the power to not “forsake the equal paths of right”

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