Hestia, Goddess of Civilized Behavior, is weeping . . .

http://www.change.org/petitions/facebook-stop-ignoring-the-promotion-of-hate-speech-and-violence-against-pagans should not have to exist in this day and age. But this petition to the Customer Relations team of a major social networking site DOES exist because of pages which BLATANTLY state that “Witches must die by fire”

Although this has prompted many witches and other pagans to start protest pages and organizational pages, these steps should not have to be taken in what is supposedly an era of civilized discourse. As a practicing Hellenic Polytheist, I am appalled that the pages promoting hatred towards me and other people peacefully practicing our various faiths are allowed to continue. It is a short step from words of this nature to deeds of this nature and I don’t ever want to have to live in fear of my life or my daughter’s life because of our faith practices.
Why is it that “Love thy neighbor” has become less important than what it supposedly replaced – “an eye for an eye”? And more importantly to me, why is it that people STILL claim that “witches” are the cause of all of their problems when it would be obvious to an unbiased person that the problems have been caused by “normal” things such as work performance or someone deciding to leave a cheating spouse? Have we abrogated ALL responsibility for our actions? I would hope not. Hatred is not the answer in this case, but it is awfully hard to remember not to answer hatred with more of the same. And THIS is why I see Hestia as “weeping” right now. We are all children of the hearth……

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