My journey through the Maxims — about a year later

Over a year ago, I started a journey through the Delphic Maxims. I looked at each of the 147 Maxims in turn and wrote down my impressions. Some of them are definitely going to need revisiting in the near future when I try, for a second time, to find a publisher that will take the book of the Maxims that I put together from the blog.

In the meantime, I am also planning on getting more active in my community so that I can come into contact with more people and, hopefully, starting a Hellenic worship group. The Maxims — and my study of them — have been an inspiration to me as well as others and I am praying that someday people will be using my book to STIMULATE DISCUSSION of these bits of Wisdom.

It has been a bit humbling to realize that for almost 5 months I was writing every day on this project and now have been doing good to write every other or even every third day. I look at the self-discipline that I was showing at the time and shake my head in wonder that I did it.  I’m looking for more projects of this type so that I can make what I feel is a lasting contribution to the greater community……..

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