Constant Vigilance in the face of "Christian" Panic about Pagans

Recently there has been an upswing in people using the term “Pagan” to mean ‘anyone the Right-Wing Christian “conservatives” don’t agree with’. This is actually very dangerous for those of us who follow a faith tradition that is categorized as ‘pagan’ or polytheistic. It hearkens back to when the Christians first took over the Roman-Byzantine Empire and called those who did not conform to Christian faith “Pagan”.  That it is being used in the same way, to demonize political opponents, is worrisome to me.

It is not illegal in the United States to be a Pagan, but this usage implies that it SHOULD be. That is something that is very frightening to me. However, it does NOT mean that I will hide my faith, but rather that I will be very aware in fighting preconceived notions about what Pagans are and what we do. I intend to EDUCATE and protest (if necessary) when people imply there is something wrong with me and my faith — and by extension, any faith not their own.

This, unfortunately, is what is necessary in this day and age…….

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