Why do I read the "Percy Jackson" books to my daughter?

The question that is posed by the title of this post is very simple, but the answer is more complex than what can be answered by just one or two sentences.

The simple answer is that it is a rollicking adventure that includes an (admittedly flawed) introduction to the Greek Gods and that hearing it helps to improve her vocabulary. But there is more to it that.

These ARE stories that involve the Greek Gods in the Modern Era and can perhaps be used as a tool to teach how mythology affects our daily lives. For example, Hermes being a God of communication and using modern technology to do that job. (With Eris in customer ‘service’, no less)

I don’t always agree with the depiction of the Gods in the books, but like how Hades is portrayed as being the only one who actually KEPT the bargain the “Big Three” made after World War Two and how Hestia is depicted. This is a departure from the way that Hades is usually depicted in the movies and other modern books (as a villain — even in the movie version of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief) because he is portrayed as an honorable God who wants the recognition of his place in the Cosmos and *spoiler alert* is actually celebrated as a hero on Olympus in Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian (the title of which refers to Hestia)…..

Besides, Mira really likes when I do funny voices for the characters of Grover (a satyr) and Tyson (a cyclops) when I read the books to her. And that is the best reason of all to me.

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