A slight change in the name

You may have noticed the change in the name of the blog. This is because Revivalist more accurately represents what I am than Reconstructionist. I mean, seriously, how many hecatombs of ANYTHING would I be able to sacrifice in modern society. I’m lucky if I get 2 people to attend an introductory libation at the local Pagan Pride Day!

Revival implies more that modern day aspects such as the Letonia (aka Mother’s Day) are part of the way we worship in present era instead of strictly trying to duplicate the way things were done 1800 years ago in a country a good third of the way across the world from the Americas. It is sometimes as simple as using English instead of Greek so that we don’t butcher the pronunciation.

HOWEVER, this does not mean that we are to vary far from the Reconstructionist fold. We are trying to bring the religion of the Hellenes into the modern era and for that we need to UNDERSTAND it. And that is where I will always be a bit ‘Recon’……

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