Making cookies

Most people would look at the title of this particular post and wonder what it has to do with my religious/spiritual life. And that would show that they were NOT paying attention to the fact that most of our life events have food attached to them.

In the case of the cookies that are in the title, they are being made for a memorial service for my parents that one of my sisters and I will be having. This goes back to honoring the departed ancestors (which was part of the responsibility of every Greek of ancient times). The particular style of cookie is not relevant as it could be any style…..

What IS relevant is that we surround life events (and things like memorials) with food. From the birth and naming of a child, through rites of passage to adulthood, through marriage and funeral rites — all are accompanied by food. It is this thread that binds ALL rites in our lives to Hestia and ensures that every thing in our daily lives connects to Her.

This is one of the reasons that she was (and still is) likely a much more important Goddess that people realize as she is part of every human endeavor. Because of this, something as mundane as making cookies can be a sacred act……

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