Preparing for Independence Day in the US and thinking about the "Separation of Church and State"

There have actually been people that say that the “separation of Church and State” that the US is famous for does not actually exist. This is something that as a Hellenic Polytheist is disturbing to me. I have to deal with the assumptions of a lot of people that if I am in the US I “must” be some variety of Christian….

The Independence Day that I grew up with was a celebration of this country and it’s JUST laws. With the increasing feel that there are SOME Christians who want to set up what amounts to a theocracy, I start to worry if my daughter will have to hide that her mother is a Hellenic Pagan, and (at least hopefully) that she is one as well…..

After all, it is that we just want to be acknowledged as partners in this endeavor….Not as the scary “other”….

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