Working to create a "pagan" home in a hostile environment.

I live in a country that is increasingly polarized. One side of the divide is very much where I would like to see us going, but the other side is often the more vocal. It is this vocal side that creates much of the hostility that I see towards the polytheistic and/or pagan religions. It is this vocal side that makes it so that people reading the Tarot for others as part of their spiritual practice have to worry about whether they will be attacked for doing so.

How does this create an effect on the HOME environment for a young child? I have to work hard to keep the religious message of the dominant religion from seeping into my child’s environment. I have to figure ways NOW to explain how Christian practices are NOT my own…. And I have to work at keeping our ways vivid for  my child.

It isn’t easy, but it is doable over time. I just hope, that because I don’t practice in a group with other Hellenic Polytheists right now, that it is not made harder…….

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