More on marriage

The Delphic Maxims tell us that we should “Intend to get Married” (or “Marriage is sweet” in another translation). That Maxim does not say that we should only have “One-man, One-woman” marriages. In point of fact, the Greeks of the time that the Maxim was probably carved on the portico of Apollo’s temple were often polygamous.

Imagine then my annoyance when a Gubernatorial candidate in the US states that GAY marriage is a “slippery slope” to polygamy. I will go on record as saying that I see NO problem with CONSENTING ADULTS engaging in polygamous relationships or with “gay” marriage (personally, I would prefer to simply call it a marriage).

This equating of both types of marriage to crimes based on the views of ONE type of religion needs to stop. Other religions have no problems with either.  I know that SOME of my fellow Hellenic Polytheists are opposed to gay marriage because of the inability for such couples to procreate, but I refer them to the passage from Plato that I have mentioned in other blogs….. I will not tell someone that they cannot marry their “other half” if they so choose. To me, that goes against what the Gods themselves would wish.

And as far as polygamous relationships, one wonders if Demeter was also married to Zeus. After all, Hera did not mind that Zeus fathered Persephone — or at least I can’t find the evidence. And Hera, was KNOWN in the mythology for going after the mothers of Zeus’ other children — even the immortal ones….

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