30-Day Religious Meme Day 17 ~ My ways of worship

This is one of the most personal entries because I have to try to explain things that I just do. As I have no community to worship WITH, I have developed certain things that I do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. These may not be completely traditional but I find they work for me. I try to keep things simple so that I can change them if I find they are either COMPLETELY non-traditional or if I find that others are doing things in another way that fits better.

On a daily basis, I offer the first cup of coffee to the Gods in general and Hestia in particular. This is because coffee has replaced wine for many people and I have a PERSONAL feeling that Hestia enjoys a good cup of coffee. Although coffee may not be strictly traditional, it is also the way that Greeks welcome people into their homes in the modern era, and for this reason is — in my opinion — a suitable offering to her.

Although there is daily housecleaning that I do, I also do a deep clean once a week which I dedicate to the Gods because my worship of them is home-based and so I am cleaning their temple. And on at least a monthly (if not semi-monthly) I offer to the Gods the ACT of donating platelets. This last is because it is an offering of something personal and something that I can afford financially to do.

For me, finances do play a factor in my worship as I would like to be financially able to afford things like statues of the Gods and other things for my home, but am having to make due with other things that I can use to represent them like a peacock wind-chime for Hera, or a shell for Poseidon. However, by finding these other things, I feel that I can honor the Gods in ways that are perhaps more meaningful to me.

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