Writing as a devotional exercise

I know that several of my latest posts have been semi-political although I did NOT mention specific candidates or their platforms. This would seem to be counter to the title of this post. It is because politics are a part of our lives and as such deserve to be brought up from time to time. However, for me this blog is more a way to get my thoughts on our relationship with the Gods out there in the internet sphere. And this means that I hope to keep my writing as a devotional exercise in the sense of exploring that relationship.

It is something that I hope to turn into something of value for the Hellenic community specifically and the greater community we are part of in general. Sometimes this blog will take the form of short essays and sometimes it will include quotes or poems as well. I hope as I move forward with this endeavor that I can at least create some discussion on various topics as well.

Please note that I WILL NOT name names if I am talking about a person unless I have that person’s okay to do so. I feel that this is the best way to help ensure that this blog will not initiate any flame wars on the internet the way that some other blogs have ended up doing, even recently when we should be trying to pull together and form a true online community instead of a collection of small scattered groups and individuals.
Therefore, please know that I will also NOT perpetuate flaming if I can help it — as it is contrary to the purpose that the Gods have inspired me with for this blog.

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