Death of a Dryad (edited)

Yesterday I heard about the passing of someone I had known in person when I lived in New Orleans. She apparently died in a house fire that she may have actually set. This has gotten me thinking about what happens when we pass to the Underworld. I know the stories of how we are judged by three judges but if we are an initiate of the Mysteries, Persephone speaks on our behalf.

But, it is still difficult to deal with when it is the passing of someone you have actually had sitting in your living room on occasion. I guess it is something that will take it’s time…..


More has come out about her death and it appears that she was seriously mentally ill and refusing treatment for her illness. She claimed to be the “wife” of Hermes and to have children by him on Olympus (she was childless when I knew her). This does not lessen the tragedy however. It intensifies it because somehow I feel like I failed her as I too struggle with mental illness similar to hers. The difference is that I am undergoing treatment for my symptoms. I just wish that she had gotten treated. Maybe things would have been different then and this blog post unnecessary….

Rest in Peace Dorothy

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