On Hearing the Gods

Every person will hear the Gods slightly differently, but it is rarely something that is as clear as spoken words.     That is part of the reason that we have divination and oracles (not necessarily the same thing as the oracle may or may not be the diviner as well). In my experience, I most often hear them through dreams where they have me doing one thing or another. In this way, when I wake, I have often gotten a sense of what needs to be done by me in my life.

Other people get messages through things like Tarot Cards, the flight of birds, or the repetition of similar things (like numbers). These messages are just as valid for them as my dreams are for me. What is NOT likely is that someone will actually hear the voice of the God in their head without it being evidence of a mental illness. It is for this reason that we should take people who make that type of claim with a grain of salt.

However, if someone tells you that “Such-and-such God told me this” and then goes on to say in what way, then maybe we should not be quick to judge that person as being somehow ‘loony’ for this. For all we know they may have years of mystical practice under their belts BEFORE the God spoke. Unusual Personal Gnosis of this type should not be ignored — it may eventually be a shared understanding. After all, Hestia may actually enjoy Her cup of coffee in the morning…..

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