#146 – as an old man (be) sensible (πρεσβυτης ευλογος)

As we age this is a Maxim that we should not need to be reminded of, but often do not follow. Part of being sensible is to know when we have reached our limits. Many times this is not something we want to admit even to ourselves. But if we are to follow the Maxim which reads “Nothing to excess” we need to approach this one with complete honesty. We have to admit to ourselves that there are things we cannot do no matter how much we try to do them.
The ‘Stages of Life’ are a series of Maxims that all interconnect and this one is no exception to that. We start as children by being well-behaved, proceed to being self-disciplined as youths and just in our middle-age. As we become older, we become an example of wisdom to those younger than ourselves. We also continue to teach others what we know both by our words and our deeds. This is why the figure of the Old Wise Man/Woman appears so often in our legends. They are the ones who give the hero/heroine the information they need to fulfill the quests of youth and the tasks that society lays upon them. We must become the Wise one as we age, if we are to live the message of this Maxim.

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