#145 – as of middle-age (be) just (μεσος δικαιος)

This is the third of the Maxims that I like to call ‘The Stages of Life’. After we teach our children to be well-behaved and our youths (young adults) to be self-disciplined hopefully they will grow into just adults. And this is where as adults we must begin to teach other generations the wisdom that is contained in the Maxims, while living them ourselves. This is because if we are to live a just life, we must follow the advice contained within them. We must “Follow God”, “Know yourself” and do “Nothing to Excess”. We must also put these into practice so that others can follow our example.
This Maxim is not about ‘justice’ in the sense of what we expect the courts to do, or at least not entirely about that type of justice. It is about living a just life ourselves and using that example to inspire others. It is about doing what we can to fight injustice in the world around us. And it is about knowing when our own prejudices may lead to injustice and fighting that within ourselves. We have a responsibility to our children, our youths, our elders and to ourselves to do this and leave the world a better place than we found it.

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