#141 – Be well off as a mortal (Ευ πασχε ως θνητος)

To me this Maxim is not about being well off financially, although finances are certainly part of being mortal. It is more about understanding that we are mortal and that this is a state that can bring with it a sense of wonder at each new day because we should never get tired of having those new days. It is about the realizing that we have families and friends that we can share our lives with. In many ways, this Maxim holds the mirror to the old saying “Count your blessings” and shows us that we should be thankful for the blessings that we have as mortal children of the Gods.
We are made mortal so that we might appreciate the passing of time and the changing of the seasons in a way that nothing immortal truly can. This is the greatest gift that the Cosmos has given us because that appreciation helps us create works of art that can be enjoyed by many generations. Our mortality gives us a stronger appreciation for the world around us as we know that everything, except the Gods, will eventually pass on. And, our mortality allows us to appreciate the blessing of death when our time is through, the one blessing the Gods will never know.

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