#140 – Do not wrong the dead (Φθιμενους μη αδικει)

Not too long ago we looked at the Maxim that reads “Do not make fun of the dead” and although this is a similar Maxim this is one that is more specifically aimed at how we treat the dead. We need to pay attention to the way we treat our loved ones, friends and comrades after they have died. This Maxim is about the respect those who have passed deserve in that their passing needs to be taken with the proper seriousness. Although we should “Grieve for no one”, honoring the dead is something that we should take care to do.
This means that we should not neglect proper funerary rites, but also that we should do right by the families of the dead. Sometimes, when someone dies, the family is left in a position where they need help dealing with the aftermath. This is part of doing right by the dead and can be as simple as calling someone to let them know they are being thought about, or calling them so that the family has a safe way to vent the feelings the death can bring with it. This is especially true if the death was ‘untimely’ as the family may have many unresolved issues that we can help with. By helping in these situations, we not only live the WORDS of this Maxim, but I feel the message as well.

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