#138 – Beget from noble roots (Εξ ευγενων γεννα)

This is an interesting Maxim in that it seems to say that we should choose “noble” partners when we want to have children. The reason I find it interesting is that it does not define what is noble (at least in modern terms) and what is not. Because of this I feel that it is saying that we should choose our partners carefully as we have a responsibility to the children being begotten to give them the best possible start.
This start does not need to be one with a lot of money, a title, or fame. Nobility is first and foremost a quality of spirit and as such is not as easily quantifiable as the other things that people associate with being “noble”. It is this quality that I feel the Maxims in general and this one in particular is speaking about as we are also to “Crown your ancestors” and “Love whom you rear”.
When we beget from roots that have this quality of spirit, that quality gets passed on to our children. And it is our children that we have the greatest responsibility towards, according to this Maxim, to ensure that we continue to pass on the nobility the Maxim speaks of.

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