#137 – Grieve for no one (Μη επι παντι λυπου)

This is a difficult Maxim to follow when you have just lost someone in your life who was important to you. Not grieving for anyone is impossible, but not grieving excessively or ostentatiously is something that everyone should try to do when faced with the loss of a loved one. Grief for the grief’s sake is a violation of the principle the Maxims teach us of “Nothing to excess” and needs to be avoided. We have to remember that the person we are grieving for has finished the lessons that this life was to teach them and that the spirit (psyche) is undying.
This Maxim is one of the more philosophical for that reason. We need to realize that the grieving process is ideally a finite process and that ultimately we should move past the grief. It is something that is difficult to understand when one is in the middle of it, but much easier to understand when one has had to go through the process. It is a process and each person will handle that process differently but the steps are the same for us all and ultimately SHOULD lead to the same place – acceptance of the person’s passing to the next world.

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