#133 – Do not be discontented by life (Τω βιω μη αχθου)

This Maxim fall under the broad category of Maxims that are easier said than done. It is very easy to become discontented with the life that we have and not accept that the Gods have granted it to us for a reason, even if it is to struggle against. Life itself is something to be contented with, at least ideally, even if parts of our lives are things we are not content with. To struggle to improve our lives is an honorable one, but to do it because of discontent makes us prisoners of the things in life which we are struggling against.

Life is full of things that can help us be content. These include the creative areas that we all work with. They can include writing, painting, sculpting, parenthood and even the things we do for our jobs. If we look for the things that can help us be content and struggle to have more of them in our lives, then we are generally working towards our arête and in harmony with what the Gods have put in our lives for us to work with. Contentment is the goal of this Maxim, including being content to always be improving

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