#132 – Die for your country (Θνησκε υπερ πατριδος)

This Maxim is one that is well known to all soldiers and is often controversial. But, it is something that could apply to most of us at one time or another. We all have times when we are very interested in the affairs of our own countries and it is during those times that we must determine what we would be willing to die for, and more importantly, to live for. These things, country included, are the things that are the most important in our lives.
This Maxim is not one that says that our country is going to be right all the time, but rather one that says we should show the same loyalty to it as to our own families. In tribal societies, the tribe IS the family. And a country is more like a group of tribes than anything else. And although no country will be in the right at all times, it is our responsibility to be willing to die to shape the direction our country can take towards the correct path. It is our responsibility to take up the mantle of free citizens and defend the values that make our countries strong. It is our responsibility to instill this care in future generations. And, although we may not literally die for our country, we do have to be willing to fight for our country and way of life.

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