#130 – Do not begin to be insolent (Μη αρχε υβριζειν)

This Maxim is a warning to us to watch ourselves. If we are not to display hubris we need to be constantly vigilant in our lives. This is no more evident in than in the lives of some of our most famed entertainers. When they begin to “live the lifestyle of the rich and famous” many of them fall victim to their own vices, including the arrogance of assuming that it could not happen to them. The people who have the most staying power in life are not those who show hubris, but those who show humility. This is a lesson that is often painful to learn, but once learned, never forgotten.
When we display hubris in our lives the Gods will often send us troubles to teach us humility and that we are not the center of the Cosmos. If we do not learn the easy way, we are sent the lessons needed to teach us what we need to know. These lessons are designed to show us that there are people who are better than us in any given situation and at any given time. When we learn the lessons, we are then able to handle life better than we were before and help others learn those lessons as well.

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