#128 – Do not trust wealth (Πλουτω απιστει)

This is one of the more awkward Maxims to write about as it seems to be counter to other Maxims. But, it is also very sage advice in a society where fortunes can be made or lost in a matter of minutes through the stock market and electronic media. We are not to trust that we will be wealthy without putting in the effort to maintain it. However, we should also not trust that wealth will be worth the effort. In many cases, having money is not as pleasant as it would appear.
There is another side to this Maxim in that it could also be read as not to trust those who have wealth. This interpretation is NOT one that I hold to as there are some of the poor who are not trustworthy and some of the wealthy who are very trustworthy. The extremes of wealth are what makes wealth the difficult thing that it is for many of us. We are cautioned against taking things to extremes in several of the Maxims and this one would seem to be no exception to that rule. Wealth tends to run opposite to moderation in how it manifests in our culture with multiple homes or cars for individuals. We need to seek moderation if we have wealth, and approach the search for wealth with moderation if we do not. This is, in my opinion, one of the keys to this Maxim.

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